hi i'm sam
366 days self harm free
245 days purge free
Anonymous: ahhhh did it hurt more/less than you expected? do your parents know? it looks awesome, i love it!!

It actually hurt much, much less than I thought it would! I’ll tell them eventually, they’ll probably murder me. Thanks :)

Anonymous: You may have answered this, but I was wondering what you drink for your supplements? CONGRATS TOO!! I've been in recovery myself and I admire you so much. So proud of you love Xx

Chocolate Odwallas. Thank you gf xx



Anonymous: congrats!!!!! that is so amazing. :) :) you are seriously a rockstar and i hope you are so, so, so proud of yourself today. aksdlhfa yayy!!!!!!! (also side note: your facial features are so gorgeous like it's especially obvious in that first picture of you with your supp… you're stunning)

Ahah thank you loads xxx


I seriously can’t believe this. I am so incredibly proud: I never, ever thought I would be able to fight the urges for even a day at a time.. Now it’s been a whole fucking year and I couldn’t be more proud. Helllll yes!!

Anonymous: that anon was awful and way off base. :( :( i'm so sorry for what they said, you did not deserve that message at all. you are being so brave and doing a wonderful job lately. you know that you made the right choice about school for you. you are a good-hearted, intelligent, and creative girl and you are talented at so much more than being in treatment. that message was ridiculous and i hope you just try to forget about it. keep on doing what you're doing girl, you're rocking it <3 <3

It just sucks bc it’s so pertinent as to what I’m struggling with most. It’s like the person knew exactly what’s on my mind and how to crush it. I’m trying to keep remembering that I’m doing what I need to do for myself. Thank you so much, this message was gr8 xx

Cheers to you, anon.

Anonymous: Don't let people bring you down. Everyone has a story. Proud of you even though I don't know you. Stay strong.